Gilded privacy
Relax. Your data is safe

Premium encrypted vault from elite team of data security experts. Store unlimited data, chat to contacts, send and receive files of any size, secure cloud services.

Billionair App
File Transfer
No file transfer limit. Send files of any size via Billionair storageNo file transfer limit. Send files of any size via Billionair storage

Files sharing with VIP security

The most complex encryption available in the most intuitive user experience. Send and receive files of any size with a click of a button.

Space for all your files

Unlimited storage space for all your personal files where every piece of data is secured with encryption and cannot be viewed by anyone but you and whoever you chose to share it with.

File Manager
E2E Secure Messenger

Securest private messenger

555 numbers, dual profiles, FaceCheck for digital signature and much more.

Messenger Voice recording
Settings Master Lock
My Profile No Sim Card

Billionair: Gilded privacy

Elite private messenger & data haven

The Billionair app is a sealed data and communications fortress for high-net-worth individuals. The higher your bank balance the more your data is worth to cybercriminals, and they will go to highly sophisticated extremes to get it. Investing in digital security is the wisest investment you can make. Average online users cannot comprehend the complexities of safely dealing with their digital footprint, but we can.

Billionair app has been developed by cyber-security experts with niche and evolving expertise in data transfers, storage and secure messaging. We currently supply more than one billion downloads for the industrial automation sector.

Every action taken within Billionair is secured with the highest level of encryption available. Only the intended receiver, also running the Billionair app, can decrypt it. Even we cannot access or view your data. This is zero-knowledge encryption. Several extra layers of security also included.


Inside the Billionair vault