Gilded privacy FAQs
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Billionair App
What is Billionair app?
Billionair app is a data haven and communications tool that combines a messenger, large file transfer, cloud sync, and unlimited cloud storage for your personal flies. Every action and file is secured with advanced encryption meaning your digital communications and files are safe from interception. Use Billionair to securely send and receive messages, photos, videos and large files of any format and size, and to secure your data that rests in public clouds or on your network attached storage (NAS).
Who is it for?
It is for high-net-worth individuals who need to be extra cautious with their data. The more you are worth the more your data is worth to hackers so Billionair has been created as a one-stop solution for the privacy and data needs of wealthy individuals.
Who is behind Billionair?
Billionair comes from NOS Microsystems - a tiny independent company with niche expertise in electronic software distribution, cloud services tools for all platforms and encrypted messaging. As a market leader in download management and compression technology, NOS Microsystems services over one billion downloads annually for clients in the industrial automation industry.
How secure is Billionair?
In a word: very. Every message and piece of data sent through the app is secured with Advanced Encryption Standard 265 (AES-265). This is the most secure encryption method there is. If 50 supercomputers could check a trillion AES keys per second (no devices exist) it would still take trillions upon trillions of years for them to exhaust the 256-bit key space. It is the same encryption algorithm favored by the US government, the National Security Agency, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to protect classified information and national security systems.
On top of that, all data is sent via a secure socket layer (https) which is itself encrypted..

Further privacy options include choosing your own cloud encryption password, self-destructing messages, photos, and videos, see who's opening your sent files and messages with FaceCheck, and lock the app with a Master Lock.
What platforms does Billionair support?
iOS, Android and Windows.
Which cloud services does Billionair support?
Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, MagentaCLOUD, and SugarSync, and you can encrypt the data in your network attached storage (NAS) and use it as your own private cloud.
How do I protect data on my NAS?
In the Private or Corporate Cloud tab, click on the SFTP (NAS) option at the bottom of the cloud provider list then fill out all the relevant fields.
How can I send a large file?
Open Billionair and go to the File Transfer tab. Choose the cloud service provider of your choice or use the built in Billionair storage option. Choose to send to the receiver via email or Billionair app. Fill in the details of your transfer; the name of the receiver, a message to include with the file. Click < Choose > to select the file you'd like to send. Press Start Upload to send the file.
What is the secret address book?
If you do not wish for to grant Billionair access to your contacts, you can opt for a secret address book instead. Here, the app lets you store up to 50 numbers and you can send messages and files to them without granting access to your address book.
What's the difference between sending files in the messenger?
Files sent over the messenger are shrunk using NOS Microsystems patented data compression technology. They can still be viewed on the receiver's device, but if you want to keep files in their original size, you need to send via the File Transfer window.
What's with the 555 number?
When you download Billionair app you are automatically given a '555' number. This is your unique Billionair ID. You can change it to a 555 of your choosing or use your SIM number. We recommend using your SIM number if you want contacts to know you are available on Billionair. If your number is stored on other users' phones, they will see that you can be contacted via the app.

For anonymity, we recommend using a 555 number. You can still give the number to friends and associates who use Billionair. When it is stored in their address book they can contact with you.
Can I use the messenger on a tablet?
Yes. The 555 number option means you do not need to register your SIM number. The messenger works just as well on tablets. You can use your Billionair ID across five devices.
How do I change my number?
On Android and iOS:
  • Click the cogwheel on Billionair home page to be taken to the dashboard.
  • Click on your profile.
  • Click on Messenger number.
  • Click the Change phone number box.
  • Choose to use your SIM number, create your own 555, or click the AUTO 555 button to be given a random 555.
What are Secondary Profiles?
To let Billionair users maneuver between different contacts and different tasks in their business and personal life, we have created a Secondary Profile option. With this you can keep all your messages in the same app but attach to separate contact numbers.

We understand that you don't want to give everyone the same contact number as friends, or you might need to create a temporary 555 number just for a project then burn it after, but you still want to continually use Billionair on a daily basis.

With Secondary Profiles you can do this. You can chose to register two SIM numbers, two 555s or one of each. The numbers you attach to the profiles are completely up to you. We just want to help streamline your communications.

The first time you send a message or file to a Billionair contact you will be asked which profile you want to use. This is contact will then be attached to that profile.
So I can store both numbers on a dual SIM phone?
Billionair app is both SIM-less device and dual-SIM device compatible You can register both your SIM numbers by adding a Secondary Profile.
Who can I message?
Anyone who uses Billionair app provided you have their contact. When you also have a number registered you can send messages and files of all description and of any size to other users via their Billionair app number.
How can I message them?
Click on the message bubble on the home screen or on the bottom of the app. Click on New Message and choose from your contacts. You can invite contacts who do not have the app installed via text, or you can see which contacts are already using Billionair by clicking on the Billionair icon on the top right of the contact list.

Once you select your contact a chat bubble will be created where you can begin messaging.
Who can see me "online"?
No one. Billionair does not show other users that you are online.
Can I send event invites via Billionair?
Yes. Instead of managing events via a email or a social network that are not encrypted, ripe for cyberattck, and collect the data, you can use Billionair. The app lets you create and share calendar events in individual or group chats, without leaving the secure space of Billionaire app. To send out an invite, simple chose which chat you want to send the invite to or create a new group via under the Messenger tab.

Click on the three vertical dots beside the chat bubble and select Appointments. At this point, Billionair app will ask permission to access to your calendar otherwise we will not be able to perform this task. Click Allow.
Then, fill out all the relevant information on the meeting or event and hit the Create Appointment.
You will be taken back to the chat Window where you can hit send and the appointment will be sent out and stored in the receiver/s phone/s.
What is FaceCheck?
This function acts as a digital signature and offers yet another layer of security. If you want to be sure your files are being opened by the intended recipient, choose the FaceCheck option and the receiver's device will take a selfie of them before the file is opened. To do this in the File Transfer tab, tick the 'request FaceCheck' box. To do it in the Messenger tab, click the three vertical dots beside the chat bubble and select FaceCheck and type your message as normal.
How to use the Self Delete timer?
If you want a message, photo, file, video or recording to automatically delete after being viewed you can chose at time when you'd like it to self destruct. In the chat window, click on the three dots in the bottom right. Choose the Timed Delete option. Select when you would like the message to delete. Upon being read, the message will be deleted after the time you selected.
Why use the Master Lock?
Phones can get stolen and snooped upon by malicious third parties. If this happens, at least you can protect your Billionair app content with a Master Lock. You can assign a six character password and every time you open the app you'll be asked to key it in before proceeding. If someone gets your phone, it doesn't mean they get into your Billionair app.

To set up, click on the cogwheel at the top right of the home screen. Click on Master Lock from the dashboard. Key in your desired six character pin, and that's it. Now the app is protected.
Notifications problems?
Go to your phone's Settings > Notifications and Sounds, and make sure notifications are ON for Billionair and Importance is set to the highest option.
Do you have a Privacy Policy?
Yes. You can read it here and when you install Billionair app for the first time you get a link sending you to our Privacy Policy.